New accessories for the tilting mandrel

ABL is a manual traction elevator with electric lifting that we can supply with specifc accessories, customized on request. Between them, we have the hydraulic expanding MANDREL for reels tilting, which is now implemented with new devices that ease the operations and improve safety.

First of all, the same elevator can cope with reels of different inner diameter with the aid of a removable ADAPTER.

We have also build a hydraulic clamp with two plates that embrace the reel on the side in order to avoid the "CONE EFFECT".


Once taken from the pallet and rotated horizontally, the reel must be loaded on the machine.

ABL MRB ESP 2Cilindro ESPulsore

ABL MRB ESP Controls

We can supply a hydraulic pusher that shift the reel directly from the mandrel to the shaft of the machine.

The expanding mandrel is mounted on an adjustable support that permits to align it with the core in which is inserted.


In case of reduced visibility for the operator, we can install a frontal view camera on the mandrel and a monitor, like in the photo and the video below.

All of these accessories are available also on other kind of mandrel that are put on motorized stacker, with weight capacity up to 800 kg.


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