Expanding Adaptable Spindle

In order to provide advanced solutions for reels handling, AFC has developed a new expanding spindle that can be modified to adapt to the inner core.
On the standard 3-inches version can be fixed an adapter for each diameter, up to 200 mm max; practically, with one stacker it’s possible to handle reels with different cores, within the load capacity limit of the used model.
This adaptable spindle system is available on 3 models which differ in size and capacity:

  • ABL-MRB semi-electric lifter with monomast and capacity of 200 kg;
  • TGE-MRB semi-electric lifter with classic mast and capacity of 300 kg;
  • CM04-MRB fully electric stacker with classic mast (even two stage) and capacity of 400 kg.

On the first two models with manual traction, the spindle support arm is adjustable manually to help centering and the controls are via mobile push-button panel. On the fully electric CM, the spindle is equipped of hydraulic side shift and the controls are by distributor lever. The typical functions of reels spindle (expand/reduce + tilting 90°) are hydraulic on all models.
The spindle reduction control to leave the reel is provided with enable push button (two hands control) to prevent incorrect operations and increase safety.
AFC also manufactures reels spindle with more capacity, rotating clamps to gripping on the outer diameter, customized equipment on demand. 

ABL MRB CM 03 MRB Controls  CM 12.28 MRB 3  TGE MRB Braccio orientabile  ABL MRB Control

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